Against the Wind

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Against the Wind

Documentary maker Paul Matraves from “Against the Wind has joined our team. Among other works he’s been working on the Pacific Dakota Restorations coverage we’ve featured each edition and we’re looking forward to get to share more of his work in documentary format.

About the film

In late 2014 the ageing fuselage and wings of a Douglas C-47 Dakota (DC-3) were delivered by road to Caboolture Airport in Queensland, Australia. The three day journey from Mareeba, in Far North Queensland, were David Kingshott’s first steps on a very long journey towards achieving a dream he has held since he was 16; to own and fly a Douglas C-47.

‘Against the Wind’ is a 50 minute documentary film focusing on the passion, determination and belief required to achieve a dream. The film is a “passion project” of Producer/Director Paul Matraves who, through being infected by David’s contagious enthusiasm, felt the need to share David’s story and positive message in the hope that others out there will also be inspired to believe in themselves and focus on achieving their dreams.

The film also aims to honor the veterans that flew aircraft, such as the C-47, in times of conflict and peace, and bring light to challenges faced by the dedicated owners of vintage aircraft who take on the personal responsibility of ensuring these aircraft remain as flying memorials, preserving history for future generations.

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